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How to prove discrimination in employment lawsuits.

So, you’ve been the victim of employment discrimination in California. You want to bring a discrimination lawsuit against your employer or confront them about it, but you’re not sure how you can prove it. The critical question is whether…
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Tattoos at Work: Can employers fire tattooed employees?

Tattoos are often an important part of a person’s self-expression. They can reflect valuable personality traits, or they can simply change the way a person looks. Whatever the case, tattoos are usually permanent. Employees with visible tattoos…
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Lactation breaks under California law: Explained!

New mothers are often faced with an important decision: should they breastfeed or use formula? Employed mothers, however, are faced with an additional question: if they choose to breastfeed, will their employer allow them break time to pump at work?…
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"Reasonable accommodation" Defined under California Law.

Employees with disabilities are often entitled to a reasonable accommodation at their job. A “reasonable accommodation” is a change in the way an employee performs their work that: (1) is compatible with the employee’s disability,…
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Wrongful Termination & Public Policy: Explained!

California employees may not be terminated if the employer is motivated by an unlawful reason. For example, an employer in California may not terminate an employee because of their race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. Nor may an employer…
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Common lawsuit deadlines in California unlimited civil litigation.

If you have recently initiated a lawsuit, or if you have recently been sued, you are probably wondering: what should I do next? What deadlines am I up against? In any California lawsuit, there are numerous deadlines both parties must meet. Failing t…
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Constructive discharge: When is quitting actually a termination?

California employees are often faced with a difficult situation: workplace conditions have become so intolerable that they must quit their job. In these situations, California law does not always treat an employee’s resignation as quitting. Som…
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Maternity Leave Law in California: Explained!

In California, maternity leave rights are governed by several sets of laws and regulations. The most important of these for the purposes of maternity leave is California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (called “FEHA”). ((Gov’t Code, §§ 12…
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How to request your employee records (Sample Form)

California employees (and former employees) have a right to access many of the records their employer keeps. In fact, the right to inspect employee records is often the first tool that employment lawyers use to discover important information about th…
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Pay stub & payroll information requirements under California law.

Every California employer has a legal duty to keep accurate payroll records for all employees. Clear and informative earnings statements are essential to ensuring workers are paid for all their hard work. Employers that do not follow strict recordkee…
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