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Being a victim of race discrimination in the workplace can have a devastating emotional and economic impact. Not only is it wrong to be treated differently by your employer because of what you look like — but it’s also illegal under state and federal law. If you have been discriminated against by your employer due to your race, color, or ethnicity, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit to recover your damages.

Although taking a stand against your employer may feel overwhelming, having a seasoned advocate on your side can make all the difference. The employment attorneys at Optimum Employment Lawyers provide skilled counsel for employees who have been mistreated in the workplace because of their race. Offering experienced representation, we work hard to ensure your employer is held responsible for their illegal actions.

What is Race Discrimination in the Workplace?

Race discrimination in the workplace happens when an employee is treated unfavorably because of their race or perceived race. Sometimes, a person can also be discriminated against because of their association with a person of another race. Critically, two primary laws protect employees from race discrimination: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Race discrimination in the workplace can include the following if it can be shown the adverse employment action was motivated by race:

  • Refusal to hire
  • Promotion denial
  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment
  • Failure to provide equal pay
  • Refusal to select for a training program
  • Constructive termination
  • Denial of benefits

Discriminatory acts in connection with race fall under two legal categories: disparate treatment and disparate impact. Disparate treatment can involve an employer singling out an employee based on their race. For example, if promotions were deliberately denied to employees of a certain race, you may be able to demonstrate that there was a discriminatory motive.

Disparate impact race discrimination is usually not as obvious. It typically occurs when the policies and practices of an employer are not outrightly discriminatory, but have a discriminatory impact on employees of a specific race.

No one should be treated differently or wrongfully in the workplace because of who they are or what they look like. At Optimum Employment Lawyers, we understand that your work isn’t only about the paycheck you bring home — it’s about self-worth, meaning, and dignity. When we represent you in a race discrimination claim, our attorneys focus not only on restoring your economic losses, but your personal ones, too.

Standing up to Racial Harassment in the Workplace

Racial harassment by an employer or other employees can create a hostile working environment. It can also interfere with carrying out your employment duties. Importantly, California law strictly prohibits the harassment of employees based on race or ethnicity. Not only can an employer be legally liable for any racial harassment they participate in, but they can also be held accountable for preventing this type of wrongful conduct from occurring in the workplace.

Harassment based on race can take the form of inappropriate jokes, slurs, ridicules, or taunts. Sometimes it can also take the form of a physical assault or other threatening and insulting conduct. Racial harassment is generally a separate claim from race discrimination. However, it may rise to the level of legally actionable discrimination if it is so “severe and pervasive” that it creates an abusive employment environment.

No one should have to go to work each day feeling unsafe or uncomfortable because they are being subjected to harassment. At Optimum Employment Lawyers, we offer compassionate counsel and proficient representation for those who have suffered racial harassment in their places of employment. With a focused commitment on achieving the best possible outcome in your case, we will fight for your rights and work to obtain justice.

Experienced Representation for Race Discrimination Lawsuits

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your race, you may be entitled to a variety of legal remedies depending on the facts of your case. Additionally, if you reported racial harassment or discrimination and your employer retaliated against you with an adverse employment action — such as by firing or demoting you — you may also be eligible for relief.

Generally, before you can file a claim in court, you may need to exhaust the available administrative remedies. Specifically, you may be required to file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and obtain a “right-to-sue” notice. However, when you work with an attorney, they may be able to commence a lawsuit in court immediately.

By filing a race discrimination lawsuit, you may be able to recover back wages, front pay, and any bonuses or benefits you were denied. You may also be entitled to an injunction to stop the discrimination from occurring or reinstatement of your position if you were wrongfully terminated. In certain instances, you may also be eligible to recover emotional distress damages and punitive damages.

If you suffered race discrimination or harassment in the workplace, it’s essential to ensure you stand up for your rights. Optimum Employment Lawyers will help you navigate the legal process associated with filing a race discrimination lawsuit and relentlessly advocate on your behalf as we work to secure your rightful compensation.

Contact a Knowledgeable California Employment Law Attorney

Race discrimination in the workplace can take a significant financial and emotional toll on you and your family. If you’ve experienced discrimination in your place of employment because of your race, color, or ethnicity, a diligent employment law attorney can work on your behalf to obtain the relief and monetary recovery you deserve. Optimum Employment Lawyers provides high-quality legal services and competent counsel for workplace race discrimination and harassment claims and a wide variety of employment matters. Contact us to schedule a consultation.