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At-Will Employment in California: Definition & Limitations.

In California, most employment is “at-will.” This means it can be terminated by the employee or employer at any time, with or without cause. But it’s important to understand that this doctrine has many limitations. California courts recognize a… Read More
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How to Tell if You're

How to Tell if You're "Exempt" from California's Wage and Hour Laws

Employees are provided with a broad scope of protections under California’s Labor Law — among these are the wage and hour rules. But these laws only apply to workers classified as “non-exempt.” Those who are “exempt” d… Read More
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Tip and Gratuity Concept

Server Rights: Tip & Gratuity Law in California

Working as a tipped employee, such as a server, can be a great way to earn a living in California. However, it’s important that servers aren’t taken advantage of by employers who might wrongfully withhold tips or violate the gratuity laws… Read More
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Hiring discrimination concept

Hiring Discrimination Law: What Criteria can California Employers Use?

Not only do California employees have strong legal protections during the course of their actual employment, but in the screening and hiring phases as well. However, the application of these protections can vary from case to case. In fact, the standa… Read More
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Two weeks' notice letters: Are they required by California law?

Generally, California employees are not required by law to give any advance notice to their employer before they quit their job. In some cases, however, the terms of an employment contract could require a specific time or manner of notice. So, the em… Read More
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Sexual Harassment Law in California: Explained!

Sexual harassment can take a variety of forms, and with more media platforms available to employees, sexual harassment has never been more prevalent in the workplace. Coworkers and supervisors alike are connected through Facebook, Twitter, and other… Read More
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"Reasonable accommodation" Defined under California Law.

Employees with disabilities are often entitled to a reasonable accommodation at their job. A “reasonable accommodation” is a change in the way an employee performs their work that: (1) is compatible with the employee’s disability, a… Read More
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Common lawsuit deadlines in California unlimited civil litigation.

If you have recently initiated a lawsuit, or if you have recently been sued, you are probably wondering: what should I do next? What deadlines am I up against? In any California lawsuit, there are numerous deadlines both parties must meet. Failing to… Read More
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Constructive discharge: When is quitting actually a termination?

California employees are often faced with a difficult situation: workplace conditions have become so intolerable that they must quit their job. In these situations, California law does not always treat an employee’s resignation as quitting. Som… Read More
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Maternity Leave Law in California: Explained!

In California, maternity leave rights are governed by several sets of laws and regulations. The most important of these for the purposes of maternity leave is California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (called “FEHA”). ((Gov’t Code, §§ 12… Read More
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