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Optimum Employment Lawyers is committed to serving employees in a wide variety of ways. Several of their more common areas of practice are listed below.

Wrongful Termination

California is generally an at-will employment state. This often means that an employer can terminate someone’s employment without a reason. However, both California and Federal law prohibit the firing of employees for certain discriminatory reasons… Read More

Retaliation for Taking Medical or Disability Leave

No one plans to get sick or be disabled. In California, it is a violation of your rights to be terminated, demoted, or harassed for a legitimate medical condition. Employers are also legally obligated to provide you with time to care for yourself or… Read More

Pregnancy Disability, Maternity, and Medical Leave

The birth of a child is a joyous and blessed occasion for all mothers. Being pregnant or a new mother, however, is a 24-hour job with round-the-clock tasks—all of which are necessary to give the best medical care to mothers and their new child. The… Read More

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is still all too common in today’s workplace. Most of us probably know someone who has been sexually harassed. Yet it’s still shocking when it happens to us or a loved one. Fortunately, California and federal law provide strong… Read More


Discrimination in the workplace undermines some of the deepest and most central values of human equity and fairness. Employees in the workplace should be judged on their individual contributions and not be prejudiced because of their beliefs or physi… Read More

Whistleblower Retaliation

Employees are the engine that drive a business to success. However, some employers often encourage their employees to break the law or engage in other questionable activity to increase profits. Employers who have the courage to report employer wrongd… Read More

Rest and Meal Time

California law requires that eligible employees be allowed to take breaks. Generally, the minimum rest period in California is: A paid 10 minute rest period for each four hours worked, in the middle of each four hour period if practicable. No rest pe… Read More

Unpaid Wages

California’s wage laws provide employees with significant protections. Being paid what you have earned, on time, is essential for you to afford your necessities, such as food, transportation, or housing. An employee who is not paid on time acco… Read More

We cover many areas of employment law, not just the areas listed above. We handle employment cases on behalf of employees in a wide variety of areas. If your case does not fall within one of the practice areas listed above, we might still be able to help. If you’re an employee located in Los Angeles or Orange County, give us a call at (949) 954-8181.

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