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At-Will Employment in California: Definition & Limitations.

In California, most employment is “at-will.” This means it can be terminated by the employee or employer at any time, with or without cause. But it’s important to understand that this doctrine has many limitations. California courts recognize a… Read More
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How to Tell if You're

How to Tell if You're "Exempt" from California's Wage and Hour Laws

Employees are provided with a broad scope of protections under California’s Labor Law — among these are the wage and hour rules. But these laws only apply to workers classified as “non-exempt.” Those who are “exempt” d… Read More
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Tip and Gratuity Concept

Server Rights: Tip & Gratuity Law in California

Working as a tipped employee, such as a server, can be a great way to earn a living in California. However, it’s important that servers aren’t taken advantage of by employers who might wrongfully withhold tips or violate the gratuity laws… Read More
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Wrongful Termination and Public Policy Concept

Wrongful Termination & Public Policy: Explained!

Employers in California are prohibited from terminating employees for illegal reasons. For instance, an employer may not fire an employee due to their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or other protected status. An employer may also not t… Read More
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California's AB5 Law - Independent Contractor Classification

Everything You Need to Know About California’s AB5 Law

Worker misclassification is a significant problem in various industries throughout California. However, in 2019, the California legislature passed a bill that protects employees from being misclassified as independent contractors and unfairly denied… Read More
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Hiring discrimination concept

Hiring Discrimination Law: What Criteria can California Employers Use?

Not only do California employees have strong legal protections during the course of their actual employment, but in the screening and hiring phases as well. However, the application of these protections can vary from case to case. In fact, the standa… Read More
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California Law, Paid Lunch Break Concept

Does California Law Require Paid Lunch Breaks?

Employees in California are afforded many crucial rights in the workplace by law — including the right to take a 30-minute unpaid lunch break depending on the amount of time worked. Employees may also be entitled to take 10-minute paid rest breaks… Read More
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quid pro quo sexual harassment

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

Although there are many laws in place to prevent it, sexual harassment is still a major problem in many workplaces. It’s crucial to understand that in California, all types of sexual harassment are strictly prohibited in employment settings. In add… Read More
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paternity leave

Paternity Leave in California

If you have become a new father through birth, adoption, or foster care, paternity leave has numerous long-lasting benefits. Taking paternity leave is vital to building a bond with your child and helping to take an active role in the first few weeks… Read More
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fired vs laid off

Fired vs. Laid Off: What Are Your Rights?

Losing your job can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. However, there can be many reasons a person may find themselves out of work. Being laid off and getting fired are the two main ways an employee can end up unemployed. It’s essent… Read More
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