Discrimination in the workplace undermines some of the deepest and most central values of human equity and fairness. Employees in the workplace should be judged on their individual contributions and not be prejudiced because of their beliefs or physical characteristics.

Under California law, certain employers have a duty to take all reasonable steps to prevent discrimination from occurring. In addition, California and federal law provides broad protection from discrimination within the workplace. Employees are protected from any discrimination that is based upon:




Sexual orientation.

Marital status.


National origin.


Physical disability, mental disability, or medical condition.

Pregnancy, childbirth, or other related medical conditions.

What constitutes discrimination?

Discrimination takes many forms within the workplace. Common examples of discrimination include:

Being fired or terminated from work.

Denial of promotions or salary increases.

Retaliation for reporting or complaining about discrimination.

Removal of job responsibilities.

False or unwarranted negative job reviews.

Denial of benefits.

Demotion to a lower job position.

Assignment to an undesirable work schedule based upon a protected employee characteristic.

Any type harassment or hostile work environment based on protected grounds.

What can employees do?

Do not be afraid to assert your rights against discrimination at work. Workers who speak up against discrimination are legally protected from retaliation in the workplace.  Just be sure to consult a qualified attorney to make sure that the way you're exercising your rights is protected under the law.

If you believe you may be the victim of discrimination, please call Optimum Employment Lawyers at (949) 954-8181. All consultations are confidential and conducted compassionately. We can explain your legal rights and help you determine if you have a legal case of discrimination.

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