How much does it cost to hire you?

There are no upfront costs to hire us. The way we get paid is by receiving a percentage of the award or settlement we win for you—called a contingent fee. We bear the upfront costs of litigation and take the financial risks of handling a lawsuit. That is why we only take cases we feel confident in winning. If a settlement offer is made, we will break down the amount so you know how much will be taken out for attorneys' fees and litigation costs, so you know how much money will be going in your pocket. At that point, the decision to settle or not and how much to settle for is entirely up to you, based on our feedback and on your personal, emotional, and financial situation.

We structure our representation this way to help provide you the best service. By working for a contingent fee, we align our interests with yours and create a strong incentive to work our hardest for you. Additionally, many of our clients would not be able to afford all of the expensive attorney fees and litigation costs up-front. To relieve this burden, we take care of the costs and bear the majority of the risk.