Wrongful Termination

California is generally an at-will employment state. This often means that an employer can terminate someone’s employment without a reason. However, both California and Federal law prohibit the firing of employees for certain discriminatory reasons.

California’s employment law does not allow employers to fire their employees for the following reasons:

Termination due to race, ancestry, nationality, age, religion or disability.

Sexual Orientation.

Taking pregnancy leave.

Taking medical or disability leave under the regulations of the Family Medical Leave Act.

Or marital status.

Job terminations for exercising your legal rights are also illegal. California law does not permit an employer or company to fire their employees for the following:

Reporting unsafe working conditions.

Reporting a hostile work environment.

Reporting the harassment of yourself or others.

Reporting potential or actual legal violations of an employer.

Filing a workplace injury claim.

Asking for unpaid wages.

Asking for overtime wages.

Asking for legally earned rest and meal breaks.

Refusing to work in unsafe conditions.

Refusing to engage in illegal activities.

Performing jury duty or taking time off to participate in a lawsuit or legal proceeding.

Wrongful termination of employment is not always immediately obvious. Only a full investigation of your case through interviews and legal demands for documentation can reveal whether you were wrongfully terminated from work. If your employer has improperly fired you or has violated your rights, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, benefits, emotional distress, and other financial damages.

The employment attorneys at Optimum Employment Lawyers are ready to help you determine your legal options and fight for your rights. They will work with you in an honest and compassionate manner to achieve your goals and get your life back on track.

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