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Drug Rehab Programs & Disability Protections under California Law

In California, drug addictions and alcoholism are sometimes considered disabilities. People with disabilities receive certain legal protections in dealing with their employers. California has adopted protections for drug addicts and alcoholics in ord…
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At-Will Employment in California: Definition & Limitations.

In California, most employment is, by default, defined as being “at-will.”[1] Employment that is “at-will” may be terminated at any time at the will of either party—either the employee or the employer—with or without cause…
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Whistleblower & Retaliation Protections in California

Both California and federal employment law provide protections for employees that report employer wrongdoing to a government agency.[1] Employees are also protected for reporting violations of California state constitutional law. Employees who report…
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Can my employer read my e-mail? California employment law explained.

In workplaces across California, employers provide their employees with useful electronic tools. These include: cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, e-mail addresses, and even websites. In most cases, these tools improve productivity and make th…
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Payroll Debit Cards in California: What’s the Law for Employers?

Just the other day, one of our attorneys, wrote a blog post about the payment of wages under California’s Labor Code. In it, he briefly discussed whether employers are allowed to use payroll debit cards as a method of paying their workers. Today, a…
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Unpaid Wages & California’s Labor Code: When & How Wages Must be Paid

Under federal and California law, it is illegal for employers to not pay their workers on time. Unfortunately, unpaid wage disputes are common and many employers do not pay employees their full wages on time. California’s Labor Code has endorse…
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Hiring Discrimination Law: What criteria can California employers use?

California workers have numerous protections during the hiring process. The application of these protections, however, will vary from case-to-case. The criteria that employers may use in selecting candidates for employment have been the subject of ma…
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Sexual Harassment Law in California: Quid Pro Quo & Hostile Work

Sexual harassment is one of the most common forms of harassment in today’s workplace. Claims of sexual harassment number in the tens of thousands each year. Millions of dollars are paid annually to compensate victims for their suffering. According…
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Workplace Harassment in California: What kind of behavior is illegal?

In many situations, California employers are prohibited by law from harassing employees in the workplace. However, the harassment must involve a prohibited behavior. An employer, for example, cannot verbally harass you for being a member of a protect…
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Are paid vacations a legal right for California employees?

In California, employers are not required by law to give workers paid vacation.[1] But employees can acquire a right to vacation pay in a number of ways. In many cases, paid vacation is a type of deferred compensation that employers give to their e…
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