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Rest and Meal Times in California | Justin Lo, Los Angeles & Orange County Employment LawyerCalifornia law requires that eligible employees be allowed to take breaks. Generally, the minimum rest period in California is:

A paid 10 minute rest period for each four hours worked, in the middle of each four hour period if practicable.

No rest period is required to be provided if the total daily work is less than 3.5 hours.

Employees that work more than five hours must be provided a duty-free meal period of at least 30 minutes. Employees who work more than ten hours per day must be provided a second thirty-minute unpaid meal period.


Common Rest & Meal Time Violations

Employers who violate rest and meal time laws may be liable to their employees for unpaid wages. Common violations of rest and meal periods include:

Denial of rest and meal periods.

Employer pressure to work during rest periods.

Employer falsely promises to make up missed rest and meal periods later on.


Some employers will try to squeeze as much work out of their employees as possible. They do this by skimming or denying rest or meal time. Other times, some employers avoid giving full breaks to save on overtime pay. If you believe your employer has violated your employment law rights, call Attorneys for Employee Rights at (888) 898-8488 for a no-charge explanation of your rights and remedies.

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