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Supervisor Liability in California

For California employees who can show harassing actions by a supervisor, one legal option is to sue the supervisor. Supervisors, and not just employers, can face liability to employees. Below, learn more about how and when a supervisor can be held liable. Legal Overview When most employees think about bringing employment-related ... Read more

California Employment Contracts: Arbitration Clauses

You may have heard the term “arbitration” or seen an arbitration clause in an employment contract. While this type of clause may seem simple on its face, in practice agreeing to arbitration can have a substantial effect on your rights if you have a dispute with your employer. Read ... Read more

Two weeks’ notice letters: Are they required by California law?

Generally, California employees are not required by law to give any advance notice to their employer before they quit their job. In some cases, however, the terms of an employment contract could require a specific time or manner of notice. So, the employee could be contractually required to give ... Read more

Sexual Harassment Law in California: Explained!

Sexual harassment can take a variety of forms, and with more media platforms available to employees, sexual harassment has never been more prevalent in the workplace. Coworkers and supervisors alike are connected through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. They also commonly communicate through e-mails and text messages. But when ... Read more

Tip & Gratuity Law in California: Server rights explained!

Working as a server in California is a great way to earn wages, tips, and meet new people. It's important, however, that servers don't get taken advantage of by their employers or other employees. California labor laws, specifically in the California Labor Code, are often misunderstood by the people ... Read more

Severance packages: Why employers need to consider them.

During the course of business, employers inevitably have to let employees go. In some cases, business just isn't going well; in other cases, there may be a problem with a specific employee. Whatever the case, employment sometimes must be terminated and employers need to consider how they should go ... Read more

How to tell if you’re “exempt” from California’s wage and hour laws.

In employment law, employees are classified as either "exempt" or "non-exempt" for the purposes of California's wage and hour rules. These classifications refer to whether certain labor standards apply to the employee—like the right to: a minimum wage, overtime pay, meal periods, or rest breaks. Employees that are classified ... Read more

How to prove discrimination in employment lawsuits.

So, you've been the victim of employment discrimination in California. You want to bring a discrimination lawsuit against your employer or confront them about it, but you're not sure how you can prove it. The critical question is whether your employer's actions were motivated by unlawful reasons. This article ... Read more

Tattoos at Work: Can employers fire tattooed employees?

Tattoos are often an important part of a person's self-expression. They can reflect valuable personality traits, or they can simply change the way a person looks. Whatever the case, tattoos are usually permanent. Employees with visible tattoos (or those considering getting one) are therefore faced with an important question: ... Read more

Lactation breaks under California law: Explained!

New mothers are often faced with an important decision: should they breastfeed or use formula? Employed mothers, however, are faced with an additional question: if they choose to breastfeed, will their employer allow them break time to pump at work? If employees can't take a lactation break at work, ... Read more
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