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California provides employees with extensive legal protections. Businesses in Torrance and Los Angeles often disregard these protections and violate the rights of their workers. Employees must fight to protect their rights in the workplace. It’s important for Torrance employees to have experienced advocates on their side. Contact our Torrance lawyers today: (855) 783-9675.

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Kyle D. Smith, Torrance Employment Attorney
Kyle D. Smith
Attorney at Law
provides his Torrance clients with high-quality legal services at low rates. Kyle’s history in court includes both trial and appellate court experience. In addition to arguing cases before the California Court of Appeal, Kyle served as an extern to the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
Juris Doctor, UCLA School of Law.
Bachelor of Science, Northern Arizona University.
Practice Areas
Kyle D. Smith represents clients from a wide variety of backgrounds in Torrance. Kyle works with clients that have claims related to: wrongful termination, breach of contract, employer retaliation, and employer discrimination.

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Justin Lo, Los Angeles Employment Attorney
Justin Lo
Attorney at Law
Justin Lo is a passionate employment lawyer located in Torrance, California. He began his legal career in the courtroom by working as a Deputy City Prosecutor for the City of Pasadena. Justin now uses his courtroom skills to advocate for employee rights.
Juris Doctor, UCLA School of Law.
Bachelor of Science, UC Irvine.
Practice Areas
Justin Lo represents Torrance employees in a variety of cases. His main practice areas include: employer harassment, breach of contract, unpaid wages and overtime, equal pay, and disability discrimination.

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We provide ethical representation and transparent billing practices that you can trust.
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We can help you find creative solutions to solve your employment problems.
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We work on a contingency, which means that we only charge you a percentage of what we win for you.
Did my employer violate my rights?Is my consultation with you confidential and private?What happens if I decide to sue my employer?What happens during my lawsuit?I don't work at my company anymore, can I still sue?What are the legal fees if I sue my employer?Do independent contractors receive the same protections as employees?Do I really need to hire an employment lawyer to handle my case?Where are you located?
Did my employer violate my rights?
Contact us to find out.

Torrance employees have many rights. California has a policy of vigorously enforcing labor standards in your workplace. Many laws have been adopted to protect the welfare of workers like you. Courts, in turn, will broadly interpret those laws in favor of workers’ rights. The employment lawyers at Smith & Lo understand this, and can help secure rights that you are lawfully owed. Even if you are no longer employed, you may be entitled to compensation for violations of your rights. If you are in Torrance, contact us today by calling (855) 783-9675.

Is my consultation with you confidential and private?
All consultations are completely confidential.

We strictly follow all requirements of the California Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct and will never share anything with anyone unless we have your permission.

What happens if I decide to sue my employer?
Get in touch with us.
We’ll take care of the details.

Our lawyers will interview you to understand the details of your specific case. We’ll then advise you on the possible benefits and risks of an employment lawsuit before we take any action. In many cases, Torrance employers are prohibited from retaliating against you for bringing a lawsuit against them. Whatever the situation, we will ensure that you are fully informed of possible consequences before a decision is made. The choice of whether or not to proceed with a lawsuit will be up to you; we cannot proceed with an employment lawsuit without your permission. Once a lawsuit is brought, our lawyers will work to protect your interests—both in an out of the courtroom. If you think you might have a case, call our Torrance lawyers for a free analysis: (855) 783-9675.

What happens during my lawsuit?
It depends.
Every lawsuit is different, but we’ll be there to help you through.

Our lawyers will discuss every important action with you before we take it. We will also regularly update you on the status of your case as it changes. The best actions will, of course, depend on the facts of your case. In most cases, we will begin by trying to work with your employer outside of the legal system. If they are unwilling to pay you the compensation that you are owed, we discuss the options with you. Often, this will result in the filing of a lawsuit. Lawsuits go through several stages, including the filing of a complaint, the exchange of evidence, settlement discussions, and trials. Most cases settle before they go all the way through trial. To better understand the process involved, contact our Torrance lawyers. We can provide you an explanation of the process as it would apply to your specific case.

I don't work at my company anymore, can I still sue?
Being currently employed at your employer is not a requirement of bringing a lawsuit.

If your former employer violated your rights, you may be entitled to compensation. Your right to compensation does not depend on your continued employment at that job. An employer, for example, could not avoid paying for its mistakes merely by firing the employees who had their rights violated. Also, if you have earned wages that have not been paid, those wages are not forfeited merely because you quit. In many cases, this includes a right to vacation pay that you have earned. The extent of your rights may depend on how quickly you act. Most lawsuits will expire if you do not initiate them in time. The best way to secure your rights is to speak with a Torrance employment lawyer. Call the lawyers at Smith & Lo today for a free analysis: (855) 783-9675.

What are the legal fees if I sue my employer?
Nothing, unless you win.
We work on a contingency, which means that you pay nothing unless we get you something.

Your employment case is important to us. So important, in fact, that if we take your case, we bear the risk. Our fees are contingent on your victory. We believe this puts our interests with your interests—we both want the best outcome possible. Our contingent fee also helps remove much of the stress from the normal attorney experience. Rather than spending thousands of dollars up-front to hire an employment lawyer, we can begin working on your case immediately. You also don’t need to worry about extra fees for calling or e-mailing us to check on the status of your case. Those are included with our services. Your employers have made your life stressful enough. Our contingent fee helps make life a little easier. If you would like to learn more, call our Torrance employment lawyers: (855) 783-9675.

Do independent contractors receive the same protections as employees?
In some cases, yes.
Employers often misclassify their employees as independent contractors in order to save money—a mistake that is often costly.

Economic factors have played an important role for Torrance employers. Many businesses have found it easier to switch from full- or part-time employees to independent contractors. Often, one of the main goals of this switch is to avoid giving workers many of the benefits that employees enjoy. Often, however, an employer wrongfully classifies independent contractors and they can be responsible for numerous fees and damages to the employee.

Do I really need to hire an employment lawyer to handle my case?
It’s usually a good idea to hire an attorney.

Retaining an experienced employment attorney will result in your claims and concerns being taken seriously. As your attorneys, your employer will pay greater attention to your claims because they know there will be serious legal and financial consequences.

The experienced attorneys at Smith & Lo can help you in several ways:

Help you understand your legal rights.
Suggest how you can document and collect evidence of employer wrongdoing.
Advise you on dealing with supervisors or co-workers
File lawsuits in state or federal court.
Appear in court on your behalf.
File motions to argue the law in your favor.
Negotiate forcefully with employers for fair treatment and compensation.
Conduct depositions and interview your supervisors or other co-workers to investigate your case.
Prepare and plan for a jury trial to maximize your recovery.

In some limited situations, an attorney may not be necessary. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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